Mr. Vegas – Sweet Jamaica

mr vegas sweet

Nos Mr. Vegas talán az egyik leginkább félreismert dancehall előadó. Ezt a tavalyi lemezével bizonyította
 nálunk. A dupla megjelenés a legjobb, ami a témában kijöhetett (mármint, hogy tavaly volt 50 éves
Jamaica) az első korong a szokásos dancehall cucc, de a második lemez magáért beszél.
Az énekes szinte minden olyan nótát át és feldolgozott, ami ismertté tette a jamaicai muzsikát,
és ezt anélkül érte el, hogy egy Bob Marley dal is felkerült volna a megjelenésre. Van itt "Isralites"
átirat, mekkora ganja tunet kerekített belőle, "You Can Get If You Really Want" más címmel és szöveggel ("Things Ruff") és persze a címadó
dal a "Sweet Jamaica". Ennek is felhívnám a remixére a figyelmet, ami ugyan nem szerepel a lemezen,
de a videó linkek között megtalálható.


This is a double cd release. To be honest the first cd is an average dancehall album from the better style, but I have not chosen as one of the best release last year. It is more about the second part. In 2011I had the chance to see Mr. Vegas at 18th Rototom Sunsplash in Spain and I was really shocked in a good way when have heard the last 20 minutes of his live show. He was singing from his forthcoming (and in June 2012 released) album some tunes and that’s why I took the cd in my hand on the first place. First I’ve thought that the ska and rocksteady retro sound was only for the festival’s massive. I was wrong. The new album’s second disc is full of surprises, actually it is a kinda retro: Mr. Vegas using rocksteady, early reggae, lover’s rock riddims for his own songs. Let’s start with the track 3, called ‘Things Ruff’ which is based on Jimmy Cliff’s "You Can Get If You Really Want".
"Get up in the morning  nothing for breakfast I roll a spliff and that get me well, oh gimme a light" (hope overstand right the lyrics) – can you guess it? Alright I will tell you "Get up in the morning slavin’ for bread sir…" oh yes indeed a rethink of Desmond Dekker’s "Isralites". Or there is the nice rocksteady remake "Take It Easy" (original by Hopeton Lewis). And we could just follow the list : "Obladi-oblada", "Sweet & Dandy", "Say You Bad" (Johnny Too Bad).
At least let’s talk about the title – giving tune called ‘Sweet Jamaica’. As far as you know Jamaica celebrated the 50th Independence last year so Mr. Vegas thought one, called Shaggy and Josey Wales to make a song. They recorded a very nice tune about Jamaica.  In mid of June a various artists group (we should call them  kinda Allstar) released a tune called "On A Mission" (Official Theme Song For 50th Indepence). The fact that is ‘the official tune’ for the Celebration and that is a very popular soca based song just found Mr. Vegas a little bit disappointed, to be honest he has the point, however the kinda  boycott via the internet has proved that ‘Sweet Jamaica’ is a more favorite song among the massive than the other. There is no happy – end just the truth some months later he made a remix collaborating with: Beenie Man, Christopher Martin, U-Roy, T.O.K., Cecile, Marcia Griffiths,  Barrington Levy, Cocoa - T, Freddie McGregor, Leroy Sibbles, Tony Curtis, Singing Melody. You know what if the above mentioned collaboration was called Allstars than this latest by Vegas is Allstars of the all time, sorry- It is pity that could not be a part of the album release. Anyway the new Mr. Vegas album even for ska, rocksteady fans and for those who want to take a ride inna Jamaican music's classical re- works on one release is worth to purchase from shops or from ITunes.





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